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Need professional 3D modelling for your game? We offer a robust range of services to help you!

Professional 3D Model Services

As part of our robust asset creation pipeline, or as a single request, we offer an array of professional 3D modelling services. From base modelling, through to sculpting, baking, retopology and texturing, we will surely bring your game to life.

3D Modelling

Our 3D modelling services range from creating stylized, low-polygon assets to photorealistic, high detail models. Built from your concept and specifications, we work hard to make sure our art really makes your game or project shine.


We create high quality, detailed assets using methods like that of traditional sculpting. We can bake this detail to a low polygon, game ready mesh, balancing high fidelity and performance. We include this as part of our 3D modelling pipeline or on request.


Typically done after sculpting, we bring down the polygon count of a 3D model to meet hardware demands. This is incredibly important when looking at game development. We include this as part of our 3D modelling pipeline, or on request.


Texturing is a key part when it comes to 3D modelling. We create high quality textures for your 3D models using our vast library of materials or creating ones specific to your game or project. We include this as part of our 3D modelling pipeline, or on request.

Our Iterative Pipeline

Although each asset is unique and not all projects will require the same stages, below is a common example of our pipeline for creating a single asset.

One of the most important parts of our workflow is our constant communication with you throughout the process.

All jobs begin with an initial meeting to discuss the asset required, for example, looking at the style of the game and any concept art, hardware requirements, budget, sizes and dimensions, and any other pertinent information.

Once accepted, we begin working on the asset in iterative stages. With each stage, you need to approve the work before moving on – ensuring complete happiness with the resulting asset.

The first stage in any 3D modelling project is to build the basic shape and silhouette in a low-to-mid polygon form, creating the foundation of our asset to help to visualise the final piece. This is where we can most easily identify and iron out any potential issues of design by iterating on the core silhouette, resulting in a base mesh that accurately reflects your concept and design.

Taking the base mesh from the previously approved stage, we begin to create a more refined version of the asset that focuses more on the finer details. We achieve this by using methods like that of traditional sculpting. Beginning with a higher polygon count, we sculpt and improve the large forms and silhouette, before adding more medium and granular features that more accurately reflect the initial concept.

Once the sculpting stage has been approved, we use this highly detailed asset as a base and create a new mesh that is suitable to be used in a real time application, since a sculpted mesh often contains over a million polygons. This new mesh resembles the detailed sculpt, but at a much lower polygon count and game ready topology. The polygon count needed will depend on the project and asset we are creating.

Our newly retopologized mesh will need texture maps and materials before we can consider it as “game ready”. Before moving on to the texturing stage, however, the model needs to be UV unwrapped. This process essentially means unwrapping the 3D data and converting it to 2D space, creating a UV map – much like a papercraft model which, when cut out, can be used to build a 3D cube or character (but in reverse). Depending on the project and required texel density, the asset may need more than one UV map.

After we have approved of the UV unwrapping stage, it is time to put a little colour into our asset and start texturing. We begin by bringing back the detail from the sculpting stage. We take the high resolution sculpt from earlier in the process and bake those details on to a variety of texture maps, such as a normal map which gives the appearance of the high polygon sculpt by manipulating the normals of the model.

Once we have completed the baking process, we begin to work on base materials – basic colour, roughness, and metallic values for the appropriate surface before adding natural variance in colour and roughness.

Texturing is a key part when it comes to 3D modelling. It tells a story of what this asset has been through; we show this by adding intricate details such as scratches, dirt, and wear. For example, a bronze statue of Buddha where it is considered good luck to rub the belly would start to be smoother around this area as constant handling and grease from many hands would almost act as a polish.

At this point our asset is complete and a review will take place, giving the opportunity for you to request any last-minute changes to the earlier stage before the final approval. Once approved; textures are packed, files are named appropriately, and everything is zipped up for easy delivery.

Featured Work

Look at a selection of the high-quality work we have produced for our own projects and titles, as well as for clients as part of our game services.
Check out more on our artist’s personal ArtStation page.


At Kenomica Productions, we value the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients. Here is what a few of them have to say after collaborating with us!

Kenomica Productions provided us with high quality game-ready 3D models for a large-scale prototype. We were very happy with the promptness and iterative process that we received!
Sean Oxspring
Game Designer
Kenomica Productions have gone above and beyond to help my project move forward. I am very happy with the assets created so far and the attention to detail provided far exceeded my expectations. Not only that, the support and knowledge shared throughout around Unreal Engine has been invaluable. I'm excited to continue working with Kenomica Productions and I would highly recommend.
Matthew Henley
Software Developer

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