Dinosaur Run : Changes to How Unlocks Work.

Hey everyone -A quick update to the changes made to the unlock system for Dinosaur Run.

First off - Two new hats are available for unlock! (Image at the bottom of the post)

Now, to the bigger changes...

Initially, the player would collect bananas throughout the levels, and any bananas not lost would be banked, and could be spent on hats and upgrades to the pickups.

Now, there were a few issues with this system,
such as :

  • Getting a game over, even at the last legs of a level, would net the player nothing - which is a little disheartening.

  • Since in the endless mode, you are supposed to fail eventually - this meant that if you lost by losing all bananas - again, the player would get nothing.

To get around these issues, a new system has been implemented.

  • Each banana or pickup gives the player XP. Earning enough XP will level the player up - unlocking new items.

  • XP is persistent - meaning any XP earned through a level is retained, even if you get a game over. Same with level ups.

  • There are 23 levels - netting 30 unlocks. This now includes colours for the Monkey's cape, as well as hats (2 new hats added) and upgrades to pickups (which have been simplified and now fit 3 sections instead of 5)

Thank you for the continued support, and I hope to hear your feedback!

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