Dinosaur Run : Dinosaur Mesh

So, I finally got around to creating the model to replace the monstrosity that was "Blockasaurus."

I spent a full day working on it, starting in Zbrush blocking out the shape with Zspheres and sculpting from there. That was where most of the time was spent, getting the shape I wanted and the correct stance.

Once the base mesh was completed, I added teeth, eyes and a tongue - again, using zpheres.

Once completed, I took it to Maya LT and UV unwrapped it, which was pretty quick thanks to Maya LT 2015's native Unwrap3D intergration. I then took him to Substance Designer where I created separate materials for each part.

For the base plastic, which is a slightly course with a textured feel, I added a subtle overlay of areas that are worn and stressed.

The tongue, claws and eyes are a shinier painted plastic. I also added some paint wear to those areas, to reveal a little of the original material underneath.

Once finished, I created the render seen below in Marmoset Toolbag and excitedly got him inside Unreal Engine 4 to see how it looks. Still, he needs rigging and animation before he's truly a full replacement. That's the next job on the list.

Below are images of the render, the texturing process in Substance Designer and the texture maps that were output in the end. I still want to work on making the Dinosaur look rougher and more worn.