Dinosaur Run at the National Videogame Arcade

I'm very excited and happy to announce that Dinosaur Run is now available to play at the National Videogame Arcade Early Access Greenhouse.

If you're in the UK, you should definitely visit the NVA. It's a great place that showcases upcoming games, as well as a plethora of classics - including arcade cabinets...and of course, Dinosaur Run!

The National Videogame Arcade is a family day out, a leading cultural centre and the home of videogames. It’s unique!

At the NVA you can explore three floors of playable exhibitions about videogames. You can meet your friends here and play your own games. You can learn new skills. Hear a talk. Meet renowned gaming experts. Even have your birthday party!

Explore our galleries or just drop in for a visit to the Toast Bar.
There’s something new to discover on every visit to the NVA!
— http://gamecity.org/visit/