Dinosaur Run : Endless Updates

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes of Dinosaur Run and I am happy to announce it's entering late stages.

Lots of Qol improvements, graphical fidelity, user options and more.

Endless Mode has come out of "experimental" stages.

  • Endless mode allows the player to play for as long as they can, in an endless mode.
  • Day/Night cycle
  • Break points allow players to choose modifiers to enhance their play!
    • Banana and score multipliers
    • Extra Jumps
    • Headstarts

NeoFur Intergration

  • Monkey now has great looking fur - and a rework of his textures.
  • Fur reacts to physics, wind, etc.

Smaller Fixes/Changes:

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • New and improved Monkey and Dinosaur animations for :
    • Game Over
    • Victory
    • Running (Dinosaur)
    • Jumping (Monkey)
    • Idle
  • New cape model for Monkey
  • Maximum Speed is now dictated by difficulty level
  • Dinosaur slows down a little when Monkey hits an obstacle, to better allow recovery (he's kind like that)
  • Reworked frequency the speed increases as the levels go on
  • Speed Increases slower on Endless, but the maximum speed is higher
  •  Magnets, Golden Bananas and Bombs now extend the duration if a second (or so one) is picked up
  • More responsive graphics settings
  • Various UI improvements and consistency

What's to come:

  • More voice work
  • Endless Mode refinements (more modifiers)
  • Interactive Story Book
  • Polish and bug squashing

Thank you for the continued support, and I hope to hear your feedback!

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