Dinosaur Run : Greenlit!

A huge thank you to all those who've been supporting Dinosaur Run! I am happy to announce, that :

Dinosaur Run has been officially Greenlit!


I received the news on the 09/08/16 - apologies for being late announcing it here, but the website was down for reconstruction.

I will reiterate what I have said before, though : the game isn't finished, and will not enter early access. It will release when finished.

Also, a few notes on changes and fixes that have been made, as well as what's still to come :

Smaller Fixes/Changes:

  • Streamlined UI
    • Power-up timers now count down with an animated icon that ticks.
    • More consistency with warning messages on exit/restart
  • Interactive Story Book Started
    • UI and systems are all in place
      • Experimental 2-player mode (local)

What's to come:

  • Endless Mode refinements
    • Voice work
    • Balance tweaks
  • Interactive Story Book
    • Finish writing story
    • Voice work
    • Illustrations
  • Launch trailer

Below is the Greenlight trailer