Dinosaur Run : Growing Strong!

It has been a while since I last updated, this is due to computer issues and technical difficulties! But the long break certainly doesn't mean I haven't been hard at work! This will be a bit of an image and information dump, since I've made a lot of progress since my last update.

There are a lot of big changes from my last post.

The UI was completely scrapped and made anew using Unreal's new UMG system allowing for a much better user experience and a wider range of resolutions and monitors - not to mention better data handling.

This includes a full main menu with links to the graphics settings, a help menu, credits and more. In game there is a pause menu and ending level scoreboards and options to continue / retry etc. as well as a cleaner interface for tracking the time played, number of points/bananas collected and player run speed.

  • Levels are now procedural in the generation of items such as pickups and obstacles. This allows endless replayability.
  • There are several new levels added, all with original and unique art and lighting environment. The original level which was showcased (Dinosaur valley) has been completely remade from scratch.
  • Almost every material has been tweaked to get a more "realistic" feel of plastic and to give the look of a stop motion animation.

The art and UI are still subject to change as it's tweaked more and more.

For those interested, I will post a list of notes at the bottom of this page.

But first, let's get some screenshots shall we?

User Interface



New Levels


  Bonus Monkey Sculpt Video


I hope you've enjoyed this post and these screenshots and video have given you an idea of what has changed and what has gone in to making this the game I have envisioned. As promised, I will post the detailed notes below.


(there will no doubt be missing notes, since this has gone a long way between write-ups, but I've tried to include as much as possible.)

  • Procedural generation of level items and obstacles!
    • Levels will generate items at runtime and procedural positioning of :
      • Obstacles.
      • Bananas.
      • Traps.
  • Monkey Modelled and animated!
    • Full blend space from idle-walk-run-sprint.
    • Jump.
    • Double jump.
  • Sound Effects and music.
    • Five great tracks by Kevin Mcleod of incompetech.com.
    • Various new SFX for UI and gameplay.
  • Improved User Interface
    • Entirely new UI system using UMG : 
      • Scoreboard.
      • Pause System.
      • Main Menu.
      • Level start and end.
      • Game Over UI.
      • Level selection screen.
      • Working graphics settings screen.
      • Credits.
      • Controls.
  • Refined movement system.
    • New particle effects.
    • Animtrail FX.
    • Tweaked acceleration and deceleration.
    • Increased speed over time.
  • New levels :
    • Dinosaur Valley.
    • Cold Canyon.
    • Baking Soda Volcano.
    • Crystal Cave.
    • Rolling Hills.
    • Unique aesthetic and tone for each.
    • Unique music per level.
  • Hats for Monkey! Currently :
    • Pumpkin helmet.
    • Adventure Hat.
  • New Items to collect :
    • Banana Bunch (more points.)
    • Golden Banana (speed boost.)


  • Save Highest Score.
    • Save the high score locally or via online leaderboard.
  • Save graphics settings.
    • Save the system settings locally.
  • Animate Dinosaur.
    • Blend Space of Idle-Walk-Run-Sprint.
  • Hat selection screen.
    • Allow the player to choose a hat.
  • More controller support.
    • Allow users to use a controller for the Menu - current system is game only.
  • More Hats :
    • Pirate Hat.
    • Christmas Hat.
    • More TBA.