Monthly Report - September '18

It’s that time again! Monthly status report!

Most of this month has been about stability - with some graphical & UI/UX improvements. A lot of further updates will focus on gameplay difficulty & the difficulty curve.

Display Banana Boost Value


You can now see exactly how much of a boost you are getting from bananas - and the UI now correctly mirrors for multiplayer mode! The values are also now to one decimal point, so small increases are still visible.

“Danger Zone” (Not that one)


To stop those ambiguous moments of game over, thinking you were still far away enough - we’ve added a ring around the Dinosaur to show where the zone of being caught is. The art is, of course, a work in progress (and certainly isn’t supposed to go OUTSIDE of the track!)

Miner’s Lamp


The lamp is now a warmer hue and moves a lot less than it did previously as it is using the rotation of the middle-spine bone rather than the head (It’s a little less realistic, but a lot less nauseating!)

Further Snow Shader Improvements


Time was spent improving the snow shader - making it brighter and look more fluffy and have the feel of that “crunch.”

That's all for the things you can "see" - as this month has been all about stability and fixing bugs, but look below for a more in-depth list of what's been done over this month.

Build Notes

  • Backend

    • Performance Pass

    • Bug Pass

    • Lower Bone & Tri Count on Destructible Objects

  • Gameplay

    • Make Dinosaur Catch Up Slower

    • Tweaked Starting Speeds

    • Replace Mph Cap with Number of Speed Increases Cap

  • Graphics

    • Brighten Snow Texture

    • Improve Snow Shader Normal

    • Add WIP "Danger Zone"

    • Re-enable Miner's Hat Light in Crystal Caves

    • Lessen Hat Spotlight Movement

    • Make Hat Spotlight Warmer Colour

    • Rebuild Lighting

  • UI/UX

    • Display Banana Boost Value

    • Convert Boost to Mph at 1 Decimal

    • Convert Speed to Mph at 1 Decimal 

    • Consistently Capitalise "Mph"

  • Fixed Issues

    • Destructible Mesh Shimmers on Fracture

    • Level Unlocks Too Early

    • Dot Product on Obstacle Hit - Performance Impact

    • Disabled Endless Icon Below Island Image

    • Red Cape - Different Shade

    • Save Clash - Changing Hat & Cape

    • Level-Up Text Not Anchored

    • Hitting Obstacle Twice Stops Monkey

    • Overlapping UI Elements - Multiplayer

    • Monkey Sometimes Steps on Obstacles

    • Wrong Winning Player - Multiplayer