Dinosaur Run : Pre-Alpha

Since it's been a while since I've posted  a longer post documenting the recent work, I thought I'd post a breakdown of the changes made over the past week.

I've spent a lot of time and effort on this and it is slowly moving from prototype to alpha. 

Below you'll see a list of improvements over previous iterations. I'm really enjoying this project and using Unreal Engine 4. I am in love with the Blueprint system and how open and user friendly it is when compared to Unreal Development Kit.

Progress :

  • Improved user interface
    • Working timer and longest run
    • A working score & high score system
    • Better fonts
    • Scalable to screen resolution
  • Sound Effects and music.
    • Footstep sounds
    • Destruction sounds
    • High score sound
    • 90s style adventure music akin to Crash Bandicoot
  • Blocked out place-holder dinosaur.
  • Place-holder character
  • Replaced Floor place-holders with art
  • Destructible meshes - break when dinosaur steps on them.
  • Improved movement system
  • Double Jump mechanic
  • Landscape (Place-holder textures currently)
  • Improved Sky
  • Fixed:
    • Collision detection when moving between lanes
    • Ability to cheat / spam keys

To Do:

  • Save Game system
  • Procedurally generate content
  • Replace more place-holders with actual artwork
  • Main Menu
  • Scoreboard upon finishing a level

Below you'll find an image of the game running in editor.