Monthly Report - August '18

It’s that time again! Monthly status report!

This month may not be the most exciting to read about, but instead of only waiting for BIG changes to do a post, I've decided to do weekly reports, exclusive to Patrons, and monthly summaries which are early access for Patrons. The latter are then posted directly to Kenomica Productions a week later. 

Most of this month has been about stability - with the odd change here and there too.

A small thing first - we now have a Steam Developer Homepage which can be found HERE - check it out!

Now, to the Dinosaur Run Changes.

Levels Get Harder as you Progress!


Earlier levels now have more breathing room as obstacles and things are spaced out further. Later levels, on the other hand, are much more tense as objects and pickups are much closer together! 

Snow Shader Changes


Snow has had been softened up a lot, removing harsh lighting with subsurface scattering. Snow buildup has also been reduced on Mud Traps for more visibility.

That's all for the things you can "see" - as this month has been all about stability and fixing bugs, but look below for a more in-depth list of what's been done over this month.


  • Backend

    • Clean Materials

    • Temporarily Disable Endless Mode

    • Clean up Deprecated Code

    • Reduce Bloat

    • Style Guide Adherence

    • Clean Project

    • Merge Duplicate Game Mode

    • Resize Visibility Volumes

    • Cook & Build Game

    • Upload to Steam

  • Gameplay

    • Increasing Difficulty

    • Better Obstacle Procedural Weighting

  • Graphics

    • Cold Canyon Snow Shader Tweaks

    • Mud Traps more visible

    • Add Elements to Main Menu Backdrop

    • Implement Brightness Slider

    • Make Text Shadows in Settings Consistent

  • Performance

    • Tweak Tessellation Levels in Ice Cube Canyon

    • Reduce LOD for better Performance

Fixed Issues

  • DR-I13 - Level Select Buttons Overlap

  • DR-I10 - Baking Soda Volcano Leads to Crystal Caves

  • DR-I6 - Dinosaur Stops at Obstacles

  • DR-I7 - Flickering Objects in Background

  • DR-I12 - Ice Cube Canyon Button Squashes on Hover

  • DR-I3 - More Overridden Materials on Static Mesh than Referenced

  • DR-I19 - Objects Spawn Too Early

  • DR-I18 - Hard to see Objects

  • DR-I22 - Dinosaur Still Running after Game Over

  • DR-I25 - Completing Old Level w/ Jigsaw Resets Progress

  • DR-I24 - Camera Faces Wrong Way during Game Over

  • DR-I23 - Loading Screen Ends Early

  • DR-I20 - Monkey Stuck on Debris

  • DR-I14 - Dinosaur doesn't Tilt Head on Loss

  • DR-I16 - Large Rock Player Collision