Dinosaur Run - December Update

Lots of changes and fixes in this update!

Below are images and small descriptions of the more prominent changes, at the bottom of the page there will be a full change log.


Speed Lines & Dynamic Camera

To add to the feeling of speed, dynamic lines have been added to the camera, which will either be non existent, very minimal or very noticeable - based on how fast the player is going!

With the extensive changes to the speed of the game, a dynamic camera has also been implemented. Since the camera is not the traditional forward facing camera, this made it very difficult for the player to react at high speeds. Now, the faster the player is going, the further the camera pulls out, and the slower the player goes - the closer the camera gets. This allows players to see a little further at high speeds to anticipate oncoming obstacles.



Fading Chunks

Before, chunks from the obstacles would just vanish...and it wasn't very pretty. So, using the same system the trees use (fading out when the camera is close, to avoid obscuring the player) - these chunks now fade out. It's a much less jarring POP from existence.



UI Changes

The biggest UI changes come from the progress bars having undergone vast tweaking. Now, the XP bar is segmented, with a cardboard border, and the distance progress bar has now become footsteps, to further make it clear what the bar portrays. Along these changes, text is now outlined to further improve readability on backgrounds.



Intro/Exit & Pillars

More of a cosmetic change, but one that helps ground the world. The track now has support pillars, and (depending on the map) has visible entry points from the previous map!



Full Change Log

General Changes / Fixes

  • Fixed Origin Shifting in Endless Mode

  • Loading Screen Changes

  • Various tweaks to player speed

  • Various difficulty tweaks

  • Fixed Endless Mode Break Error : Infinite Loop

  • Added light to Miner Helmet when in Crystal Caves

  • Animation Tweaks

  • Overhaul of the curved effect

  • Filters Implemented

    • Pixelated Mode

    • Cartoon Mode

    • Sketch Mode

  • Replaced legacy squeak audio with the newer effect in some animations

  • Made "woosh" sound deeper

  • Added pillars to the track

  • Added cosmetic intro and exit points to track

  • Fixed delay in Level Up FX

  • Rewrote the algorithm that spawns obstacles to have less repetition

  • Added dynamic Camera that changes distance based on speed

  • Optimization Pass

    • LOD distances

    • Overall polygon count

    • Material optimizations

    • Particle optimizations

  • New FX for each pickup

  • Chunks of debris fade out

  • Added speed lines based on velocity

  • Various post processing tweaks

Multiplayer Changes / Fixes

  • Fixed Golden Banana speed bug

  • Fixed Monkey fur ghosting

  • Tweaks to Dinosaur's speed

To Do:

  • Fix "Draw" in multiplayer

  • Fix Monkey's fur around knees

  • Voice recording round 3

  • Story illustrations

  • Written narrative