Dinosaur Run : June Update

Lots of large and small changes here.

Let's look at the biggest, by far; the new UI overhaul & the stop motion effects!

Full notes below.

New UI

Brand new buttons, icons and menu style!


Cut down on many nested menus, utilising smaller nests with tabbed windows!


Stop-Motion Aesthetic

To strengthen the aesthetic of everything being a toy, moved around by an imaginative child; stepped animations have been used to get that stop motion effect.

(Not the best looping gifs, so it doesn't quite show the effect off the best, but I hope you can see the intent)


Full Change Log

UI Overhaul 

  • Fur option
  • Camera options
  • Splash licenses
  • Credits licenses
  • New buttons
  • New icons
  • Consolidated nests
  • Tabbed interfaces
  • Close up 3D render on hat & cape selection
  • Polish transitions
  • Cleaned up smears & AA issues
  • Reduced overall VRAM usage

Stop Motion Effects

  • Stepped animations
  • Lowered particle tick rate

General Changes / Fixes

  • Steam Cloud fix
  • Further difficulty curve adjustments
  • Fixed various instances of achieving a hidden achievement
  • Fixed monkey fur on endless mode
  • Adjusted rock fade
  • Fixed bug with game over from two sources at once
  • Implemented Async Loading
  • Fixed a bug with the "How to Play" control
  • New particle effects
    • Confetti replaces sparks
    • big confetti cannon effect on victory
  • Revamped profile system

Multiplayer Changes / Fixes

  • Fixed 2P Icon Sync

To Do:

  • Fix "Draw" in multiplayer
  • Fix Monkey's fur around knees
  • Voice recording round 3
  • Fix endless mode issue with rare invisible obstacles