Monthly Report - July 2018

Hey folks, It's that time again!

I may not have posted in a while, but Dinosaur Run has undergone a lot of large changes since I last posted an update let's go through them together!

Note: Images are of the game in progress, with lighting not currently built - so expect the lighting to look 'off.'

Progression Changes


Now, instead of all levels being unlocked from the get go - levels are unlocked progressively (as originally intended.) On each level there will be a solid gold jigsaw piece.*

Collecting this and completing the level will unlock the next level. On the final level (Ice Cube Canyon) - collecting the jigsaw unlocks the endless mode!

As you can see above, levels that have yet to be unlocked are shown as missing wooden puzzle pieces

*May contain traces of chocolate

Track Changes


Before, the tracks were actually completely straight and we used a world offset shader to create the illusion of a curve. Now, we still do this - but on top of also using splines to add twists and peaks/valleys to the track. This makes it much more interesting to play, in my opinion. A lot of work had to be done for the camera to correctly follow the new layout, however - and there are still a few kinks to work out with the new system.

New Mechanic: Banana Boost!


Again, this was a planned feature some time ago and adds much more tension to the runs - as well as making 2-player mode much more competitive. As before, the Dinosaur & the Monkey both progressively speed up as the level plays out. Now, however, the Dinosaur speeds up faster than the Monkey, meaning the chase really is on.

How do you combat this? Well, first off is the Gold Bananas that give a large temporary speed boost, as before. The second, however, is the new boost system. The more bananas collected in quick succession - the faster Monkey runs. Get ytour banana boost and a Gold Banana? Fiery boost!

Don't collect any bananas for a while? Monkey slows back down to normal speed. After several play tests, it certainly adds tension to the runs - although there are still balancing passes to finish.

Ice Cube Canyon Revamp





Ice Cube Canyon has been updated with a brand new snow shader! The images above show before and after! As you can see; new sky, new aurora and most of all - the brand new ice and snow shaders!

Tracking Scores and Collectables on Level Select


You can now see your highest score and which collectables you have gotten so far! (only the Jigsaw currently)

Build Notes

  • New Progression System

    • Map segmented to show unlocked levels

    • To unlock new levels, Puzzle piece must be collected and also finish level

    • End level now shows puzzle collected or not

    • Added "Jigsaw Piece" to "How to Play" section

    • Track collectables & score on level select

  • Track Changes

    • New pillar meshes

    • Track now follows a spline

    • Peaks & valleys

    • New camera system to adhere to new track

  • Banana Boost System

    • Collected bananas boost speed temporarily

    • Collecting bananas in quick succession will continue the boost

    • Dinosaur now catches up faster, so you need those bananas

    • Updated Banana description in "How To Play" to accommodate new system

  • Lighting & Graphics

    • New confetti particles for end level

    • Improved menu shadows

    • Tweaks to Sticky Swamp skybox

    • Tweaks to Sticky Swamp lighting

    • Tweaks to Sticky Swamp rain effects

    • New snow shader for Ice Cube Canyon

    • Improved visibility in Ice Cube Canyon

    • New sky for Ice Cube Canyon

    • Added aurora effect to ice CUbe Canyon

    • Added ruler mesh to main menu for scale

    • Logo & Border updates

    • Version Number added to border

  • Performance & Efficiency

    • Improved code efficiency

    • Reduced RAM usage

    • Reorganised directories

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed particle errors

    • Fixed border UI issue when saving

    • Fixed flickering shadows

    • Fixed Depth of Field halo

    • Fixed eternal save loop

    • Fixed saving of settings

    • Fixed Dinosaur getting too close after completing (or losing) a level

    • Fixed white screen on Baking Soda Volcano

  • Misc.

    • Added foliage density option

    • Added ragdoll effect to Monkey's hat when getting a Game Over

    • Improved Obstacle collision

    • Improved graphics settings