Dinosaur Run : Endless & Multiplayer Tweaks

Lots of changes to Dinosaur Run to report today.  

New UI for Local Multiplayer

Since the old progress bar didn't quite work for two players, it's been changed to show icons for players one and two to show their position in relation to each other, and from the end of the level.

This has also been changed in single player mode for consistency. 


New Map Buttons

The old buttons for the level select were rather ugly to look at, now each section of the map acts as its own button. The Endless Mode button has been removed and an Endless Islands section added to the map. 


Levels Listed on Unlocks

All lock icons now show the level required to unlock the item. 


Story Book UI Implemented

Interface for the to-be-completed story book is ready.


Other Changes

  • "Cold Canyon" renamed to "Ice Cube Canyon" (not pictured)
  • Map fonts changed to be more consistent with the rest of the game (not pictured)
  • The XP curve has been rebalanced to be less "grindy." 
  • Difficulty rebalancing - difficulty curve is more smooth.
    • Beginner is now slightly faster with tighter spacing between obstacles.
    • Expert is now faster with larger spacing between obstacles.
    • Standard is mostly unchanged.