Dinosaur Run : Filters and Effects!

Quite a few small fixes, but also a brand new feature implemented!

UI & Controller Changes

With the introduction of controller support in menus, the cursor has been changed from a mouse cursor to a more universal cursor for controller and mouse! Support for 21:9 aspect ratio and a larger range of resolutions has also been added.


Filters and Effects

Now, available by levelling up, there are brand new fun additions called "Filters and Effects." These are fun effects such as "Big Head Mode" and filters (coming soon) such as "Sketch Mode" or "Pixelated Mode"


Full Change Log

General Changes

  • Floor is now split in to 8 sections of 12, instead of 1 section of 96.
    • This allows for greater shadow resolution
  • Lightmap and LOD tweaks for more consistent performance and quality.
  • Tweaked the World Map to appear more cloth-like
  • Various UI tweaks for a larger range of resolutions
  • 21:9 Support
  • Revised controller support in menus
  • New cursor for use in both mouse and controller
  • Brand new audio to replace older, lower quality cues.
    • Golden Banana "woosh"
    • Obstacle break
    • Sticky Mud footsteps
    • Monkey's squeak
  • Tweaks to Monkey's fur
    • More colourful and messy
    • Improved wind physics
    • More variety between short and long strands.
  • A new "Filters and Effects" menu unlocked via levelling up
    • Big Head Mode
    • Tiny Head Mode

Multiplayer Changes

  • Music now fades correctly on victory
  • Player's can now bash each other
    • Has a cooldown shown above player's head.
  • A system allowing the player to catch up if they are too far behind the leader

To Do:

  • More consistent spawning on multiplayer
  • Voice recording round 3
  • Story illustrations
  • Written narrative
  • Origin shifting in Endless Mode
  • "Filters and Effects"
    • Sketch Mode
    • Pixelated Mode
    • Cartoon Mode