Monthly Report - October '18

It’s that time again! Monthly status report!

Not as much to show this month as usual, as a lot of work was put in to changes to how the business side operates, how our project management is handled and taking the time to teach these new ideals & move data from system to system.

Dinosaur Run still has had a lot of work put in to it this month, still - but a lot of it is difficulty and gameplay adjustments based on play testing and QA feedback.

Business - New Investor & Shareholder

Kirsty Downes - our Media & Marketing Manager has decided to invest in the company, becoming a shareholder! This means she now owns a part of the business, and the business also gains more share capital.

Business - Management & Game Design Document

Since Dinosaur Run has been in development for so long, many things have changed & the core ideas evolved. Because of this, we decided to dedicate most of the first week to looking back at the Game Design Document (GDD) and changing it; updating it to reflect the newer direction of Dinosaur Run.

We also decided to change our management of the project (as well as the service.) We are now more strictly using SCRUM project management. We switched to HacknPlan to help with this.

Dinosaur Run - Boosts & Cap Changes

We discovered that banana boosts were actively punishing the player & making things much harder. We fixed this by reworking the cap. Essentially, the player can no longer reach the cap without boosts & golden bananas; this means no punishment for boosting. On top of that, we removed old code that had the Dinosaur slow down when the monkey was hit, and speed up when the player picked up a Gold Banana. These were from the days before the banana boost was a thing.

The game speed is now a lot more consistent and plays a lot more like a chase. You try to gain as much distance early as possible, as more distance means more room for error. If you don't collect enough bananas or if you hit too many obstacles, however, the Dinosaur will certainly catch up - even with a wide gap between you! 

Dinosaur Run - New Hourglass Art

Some play-testers did not understand the bar for the Banana Boost. Most thought the bar represented how much of a boost you were receiving, rather than correctly identifying it as a timer, so we made a new design to show it off and hopefully cause less confusion!


Build Notes

  • Backend

    • Set Speed to Convert Mph to Fractions Automatically

  • Gameplay

    • Clean up Banana Boost Values

    • Lower Boost per Banana

    • Adjust Boost Cap

    • Adjust Speed Increase Over Time Value

    • Reduce Time Spent in Slow Motion

    • Increase Likelihood of Banana Spawns

    • Stop Golden Banana Affecting Dinosaur

    • Stop Dinosaur Slowing Down when Monkey Hits an Obstacle

    • Tweak Special Pickup Probabilities

  • Graphics

    • New Hourglass Art for Banana Boost

  • UI/UX

    • Change how Banana Boost is Displayed

  • Fixed Issues

    • Banana Boost UMG Value Incorrect

    • Dinosaur Too Slow - Easy Mode

    • Banana Boost Broken

    • Game Too Difficult