Dinosaur Run : New Build

Well, I've certainly spent a lot of time on the movement system and fixing a lot of issues, with three larger ones taking precedence.

The first issue was collision detection when moving between lanes, which is now achieved by using a single line trace. The second was the player being able to spam keys to move between lanes at ridiculous speeds, which was fixed using Boolean values which check how long it has been since the player last changed lane.

The third issue was that the camera followed the player between lanes, which was quite disconcerting and disorienting. This was fixed by un-parenting the camera and allowing it to follow the player along the X axis only.

Progress :

  • A prototype movement system: character automatically runs forward, the player strafes to avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups.
  • Improved user interface
    • Working timer and longest run
    • A working score & high score system
  • Pick-up system
  • Sound Effects and music.
  • Blocked out place-holder art.
  • Fixed:
  • Collision detection when moving between lanes
  • Ability to cheat / spam keys
  • Camera moving between lanes

To Do:

  • Save Game system
  • Procedurally generate content
  • Replace place-holders with actual artwork