New Projects Inbound

As well as working on a project to be revealed at a later date, I am working on a game aimed at children over 4 years old, called Dinosaur Run - using Unreal Engine 4.

Dinosaur Run is in heavy prototype mode right now, so basically blocked in mechanics and shapes.

So far it has basic movement mechanics and pick-ups, with sound effects and music - Images to come as more is developed.

I aim to get the mechanics more polished before working on the art and content design.

The project is actually aimed at being a birthday present for my son, so it's being created personally for him using his likes and activities he enjoys. It is taking the form of a "runner game" - such as Sonic Dash or Temple Run - but more inspired by chase scenes as seen in 90's classics such as Crash Bandicoot.

Here is a VERY early image.