Dinosaur Run : Prototype Build

Currently the prototype for Dinosaur Run is coming along nicely. A little slow, admittedly, but that's due to being new to Unreal 4.

Although the Blueprint system is fantastic for artists, it still has a steep learning curve. However, I find it very enjoyable - it allows me to make progress with things I couldn't normally achieve, since first and foremost I am an artist.

Progress :

  • A prototype movement system: character automatically runs forward, the player strafes to avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups.
  • A working score & high score system in which the score increases based on how far you have run.
  • Rotating pick-ups that increase score.
  • A basic User Interface.
  • Sound Effects and music.
  • Blocked out place-holder art.

To Do:

  • Improve movement system
  • Save Game system
  • Procedurally generate content
  • Replace place-holders with actual artwork

Below is a screenshot of the current 0.1 build. Let me know what you think, I appreciate constructive criticism and opinions.