Update on Kenomica Productions

You may have noticed we've been fairly quiet for the last few months - on here & social media. There's a reason for that - we needed some time off, for personal reasons and burn-out reasons.

I was often not working for quite some time (due to personal reasons) and then completely going overboard and burning out to make up for lost time. This then lead to making things worse. It's why Dinosaur Run has been taking so long - we were essentially working sometimes, then not working for a week or two...then spending 48 hours working non stop. It's a very bad way to go.

This past week, it's been more possible to work as these issues have become better. We have starting having weekly team meetings, setting weekly tasks and setting a fairly strict schedule to work on through the week. I hope you can already see this has made us much happier and lead to an increase in social media & website presence. It has also lead to much more work being done! Although you've yet to see this, prepare for a developer blog post showing all the new changes and improvements to Dinosaur Run.

We thank you for your patience and hope you will be able to see the new and improved Kenomica Productions.

- Kirt