Dinosaur Run Press Kit

Fact Sheet

Game Description

 Take control of a plush monkey in a plastic world of animated toys in this runner game inspired by classic 90's adventure games, such as Crash Bandicoot, and the imagination of a child.

 Run away from the friendly dinosaur as you collect bananas and avoid various obstacles! Traverse multiple levels, including an endless mode, to beat your high score and unlock silly hats and upgrades.

Key Features

  • Exciting runner-style gameplay with a twist.
  • Plethora of fun obstacles and powerups
  • Front facing camera and chase mechanics put a unique spin on the genre
  • Unique art style that depicts a world of plastic toys.
  • 8 fun levels, such as the Dinosaur Valley, the Crystal Caves, Baking Soda Volcano & more!
  • Endless Mode for the ultimate challenge.
  • Variety of fun hats to unlock for Monkey and Dinosaur.
  • Enjoy various difficulty levels for the whole family.
  • Fully voiced, great for aiding young children who cannot read.
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Release Details

Release Date : TBA ~2016
Platform : PC (Steam & DRM Free on Itch.io)
Price : TBA (~£3.50 / $5.00)

Contact Info

Name : Kirt Goodfellow
Email : kirt.goodfellow@kenomica.co.uk
Twitter : @_Kenomica
Website : www.kenomica.co.uk


My name is Kirt Goodfellow; a Computer Games Production graduate from the University of Lincoln with a strong educational background. I have always been interested in video games. My passion started at a very young age. Whilst growing up I also developed a talent and interest for art. These two interest combined and lead me to pursue 3D art, specifically for video games.

Dinosaur Run is my first commercial release, having currently spent almost two years on development. It started out as a game for my four year old son, David (three at the time of starting development.)

Dinosaur Run stems from sharing in his imagination and love for inventing scenarios with his toys. As the game grew, so did our bond. He began to give his honest input, suggesting new ideas and thoroughly helping me play-test.

Although not immediately apparent, there are a lot of emotional themes of fatherhood and growing up woven in to the theme of each level and the accompanying music - as this game represents a father and son's journey.