Kenomica Productions
Based in United Kingdom

Founding date:
January 25, 2017


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]



+44 736 858 1770


At Kenomica Productions our mission is to create exciting, interactive experiences that can be enjoyed by various ages, genders, cultures and ableness; from light-hearted video games for children, to serious games exploring mental health. We strive to work ethically and green; strongly keeping to our ideals of accessibility and inclusiveness. We believe that games are art – they can be fun, they can be thought-provoking, they can make us laugh, they can make us cry. Games can be simple experiences to pass the time – but also so much more.


Early history

From a as young as eight years old, Kirt Goodfellow fell in love with videogames. Using this love and passion, Kirt would build paper prototypes and simple games using Microsoft PowerPoint, with a dream to one day pursue a career in the games industry. During his time at College studying Game Design, Kirt coined the name “Kenomica” as an online handle, using the ‘K’ of his name and experimenting with various phonetics. This name eventually became a banner for his hobby work, developing mods for various titles (such as the popular Skyrim mod, Resilient Dragons), making 3D art and prototyping games in his spare time. Kirt made a name for himself as a stand-out 3D artist through numerous group projects while studying computer game production at university. After graduating, Kirt received requests for his art services, resulting in various art commissions and game projects with his university colleagues. During his spare time, Kirt began to develop a videogame specifically for his son to play and enjoy.

Formation of Kenomica Productions

With the growth of his hobby project, Kirt saw the potential in his work and wanted to make things official. He approached his partner, Kirsty Downes, with this idea, and they spent many long nights in serious conversation, considering the viability of turning a name into a business. On the 25th of January 2017, with Kirt as Creative and Managing Director; Kenomica Productions Ltd was officially born.


July 2018 saw Kirsty join the team as Media and Marketing Manager, expanding the number of employees. In January 2020 she became Media and Management Director, working alongside Kirt and taking on more managerial roles, creating a true business partnership.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Kirt Goodfellow
Creative Director, Artist, Freelancer

Kirsty Downes
Media and Management Director

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